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Tuvalu - a tiny country in the Pacific ocean with a population of about 11,000 people. Airplane fly here 2 times per week from Suva, Fiji and almost certainly in 50 years years , Tuvalu goining underwater, and now the targeted resettlement of local residents in other states, such as Fiji, New Zealand and Australia .
You can get here only regional flight of FIJI Airwaves, or by sea . Fiji Airvawes made ​​rebranding ( formerly known as Air Pacific), but he only touched posters and aircraft, all pointers and badges - still old.
Generally , traveling to Oceania , learn about its - kind Ski-pass for tourists in the region. It's called - BulaPass and issued only if the ticket to Fiji and back. With it you can at times reduce the cost of moving between the islands . I had not much time to travel , so the other islands were not considered. Wanted to look at Tonga, but unfortunately , in January, there is nothing to do and even more , you should always do a small tab on the time that the company FiJi Airwaves flights canceled , transferred , so little can be stuck on an island and shoot down all the entire route . By the way, have a look at Tonga in November - at this time there is just the migration of whales and will have the unique opportunity to swim with the whales.
Aircraft operating domestic flights to Fiji leave a good impression. Something they like our AN-24 , but newer and more recent , very brightly painted and clean, and when you sit in this , the bad thoughts do not arise. When the plane accelerates , then you literally presses into the seat. But one - the noise that they make is not very good to hear, some depressing .
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Flights to Funafuti flight only from capital of Fiji - Suva . Airport, to put it mildly , not very good, and resembles a stretched some diner. The plane was nearly empty - Tuvalu is not a tourist destination , especially in January , when the rainy season in Oceania (November -May) . I was told that the rainy season trifle, but it was not quite true : rain in Tuvalu was most of the time , and when the sun comes out - all around just bloomed . Thunderstorms and lightning almost was not, but that's almost always rain . One glad that rain here - it's a real rain , which should not be afraid , unlike Moscow which is comparable with acid dripping from the sky.
And then the plane headed toward the drowning of this state. As a kid , flipping through the encyclopedia ROSMEN "Geography" (Russian encyclopedy) , where at the end there is an atlas of the world, always eyes lingered on Oken , so very fascinated name of Kiribati , Tonga, Tuvalu , Tokelau, Vanuatu , Tahiti and others.
Originally wanted to go to Vanuatu , but the threat of malaria, not the most favorable for this disease forms , throughout the country , forced me to postpone the trip for a later date . Kiribati , or rather island belonging to this state - Christmas Island ( Kiritimati ) - it is an island of my dreams, but Kiribati, one of those countries where the Russians need a visa , and issued under the British terms , so this trip was transferred on the summer- autumn time and route will pass through Hawaii, where the day can make Kiribatiyskuyu visa (can be in Fiji , but it takes more time (several days) .
So, Tonga, Tuvalu , Tokelau, Vanuatu , Fiji .... Russians visa-free state. Generally , this region - a favorite vacation spot of Australians and New Zealanders , unnecessarily to these countries - at hand. It's like Turkey and Egypt for the Russians. It is a pity that not vice versa. Almost all the countries in Oceania is very original and amazingly beautiful in its nature and it felt something real , unlike the Maldives and Seychelles promoted where you like on the reservation . Yes, here are a few five-star hotels (although there are any) , but mostly it is the hotels in Fiji and Tahiti. And so the most hyped hotel Four Seasons otsrove on Bora Bora , where the number is from 1200 USD per day. Many come to settle in a cheap house , and then the sample overnight populated there and feel rich, but one day. If you look at pictures of Bora Bora , you will understand why everyone wants here .

Here are the first Pacific atolls , an amazing feeling to see it live, when considered before a lot of photos and photo reports .
Almost each atoll has its own lagoon , where almost no dangerous predators and can safely swim in the azure water .
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2:00 flight and we fly in Funafuti International Airport . So called main atoll ( coral island ) Tuvalu. There are several accommodation options: a well-known hotel Viaiku Hotel and several guest home. The site Tuvalu tourism was not possible to book anything other than the hotel Filamona Lodge - a small two-story house with a summer kitchen and a veranda . Filamona located next to the airport, but I would still advise you Viaiku - more civilized option and do not believe that there are no seats - Tuvalu almost no tourist flow .
Currency - Australian Dollar - quite slippery in terms of currency exchange in Russia that here. Points, the same as in Fiji
It is best to buy a universal travel adapter - it is suitable for all occasions .
Machine in Tuvalu do not need at all, but without a motorcycle you can not do . Bike ride is all here and it's very convenient . Upon arrival, I drove a semi- scooter , half motorcycle 10 AUD ( Australian Dollar ) per day. It liter tank 2 and 4 speed. Rights category And I was not, but boy , posing me a scooter said that everything is OK . People do not have helmets , and presumably transport technically very limited in speed and on the roads a lot of speed bumps . Just leaving " for the city " needs to look up , since it is known that a lot of people die from falling coconuts from palm trees and coconut trees are everywhere .
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Beaches here you will not find , but you can safely swim in the lagoon , but in no case do not try to swim to the other side of the island - can be eaten by sharks. Especially cool is at low tide, when formed small mini lagoon with turquoise waters .
The main part of the island - a strip of land about 50 meters wide , which occupies the main part of the road . The road is good and smooth . At one end of the island a big dump, but the other remains of coral reefs , sometimes flooded by the ocean.
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This is war. Generally , that America , that the UK is very much heritage in Oceania
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That hotel - Filamona Lodge.
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In the evening , almost all of the local population goes to the runway and plays a kind of volleyball
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It's me
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Local men work on cargo ships in the port , at the pump . Some keep their fleet of boats with motor scooters and rent them out .
Unlike Fiji, where the majority of blacks , there is a typical representative of the male - it's a cross between Cristiano Ronaldo , Edgar Davids . All the girls after the age of 16 begin to plump and almost all very well-fed , so I felt that here soon open another line of female sex tourism , although all the men here are very family and all children .
I always thought that all the peoples of Oceania atolls familiar and often from each other at a party or something , but it was not so : many people never go anywhere except their states ( that Fiji that Tuvalu) and want to go anywhere . Generally , it was felt that the people of Tuvalu are very lazy , especially when it appears they lie stacked on special sites at each house and is very reminiscent of fur seals .


Disappointing fact that these islands are not protected and may at any time be a simple cemetery under water. Very pleased with the fact that there are no cars, so it should be clean air, etc. How to be funny sounds that need to be afraid of palm trees, but still need the truth and to be vigilant. Such a beautiful color of the lagoon that straight starts involuntarily envy people who see all this every day :) The place to stay for tourists, probably always been a problem, because everyone has his own understanding of "normal" and "comfortable." Photos from the sea, is good, and even the gloomy sky is not an obstacle such joy that arises from these I have pictures :) By the way, very often notice that when someone comes to, for example, in Cambodia, Tuvalu or other distant city (islands), the people and the children are very warmly accept and agree to be photographed. I think it very nice to that to their homeland somebody comes interested in the terrain and their life, which later in their hearts they are proud to live here. You said what happens relocated to other states due to the possibility of the flood. But still there are people who are here because we are ready for that, they are willing to live here until the last, because it is their homeland, a place where they have lived all my life. Agree that such people exist, and not just here. Thank you for the informative photo report!

I love all of these micro-islands such as Palau, Seychelles, Fiji, Bora Bora and others. About Tuvalu first time ever hear, though, thought lately studied almost all the heavenly place. This is perhaps the ideal location for any freelancer - for example, for a copywriter or designer. But someone carries - leave for a few months to live in such countries work through the Internet. Just do not always cheap. Locals probably the happiest people on the planet. I especially like the long, narrow island, when the water washes you from both sides. Pictures, of course. awesome. Although not heard of Tuvalu, and once they looked immediately wanted to drop everything and get on a plane to fly there. By the way, I noticed that quite a lot of Tuvalu on rocky beaches. Although sand is also missing. View from the Tuvalu incredible. Although, in the case of a tsunami from this paradise can be nothing left. I hope there is no such terrible tsunami, as what struck the countries of Southeast Asia in 2004. By the way, it's probably one of those rare places that have not yet en masse to occupy Russian tourists.

I Tuvalu and its capital (state) Funafuti remember after one case with my son. So, as I consider myself a connoisseur of geography (traveler on the couch), his wife gave me ofigensky world atlas. five year old son is also a lover of flip through it, constantly asking "what kind of country? capital and so on." and came to Tuvalu - I read somewhere replied yes and forgot, and small - no! takes a couple of months and he asked me, they say What's the capital of Tuvalu. I do not remember, but it so slyly says: "Funafuti." in short, put me ("expert"!) in a puddle - since that's remembered. but in fact - liked what he saw - hardly I get there in this life. thank you

Photos look lovely, although i think your own comments on "female sex tourism" was quite disturbing! You see...that's from your perspective!NOt, from our view. In your world, girls/ladies want to look skinny, in our world, being "curvy" is the look. Also, you think the people of Tuvalu are very lazy??!!Again, that's from your own perspective!!

Thanks for so many cool photos of Tuvalu. It's is my dream trip

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