Buenos-Aires | travel video

So, photography is the last century, now there will be a video!

Whether you like it or not, I don’t know, but it will definitely add informational content to the blog.

There will be a series of video reports from South America that have already been shot and nothing can be changed in them. I would like to change something in them, but, unfortunately, it will not work.

I’ll try to make the following reports more interesting.

This is the first such experience, so now the quality of the material will not be too high, but in the future, I promise to raise the quality.

It turns out that this is my second trip to this beautiful South American city. The first time I was here, one might say, travel, because I had read guides and was afraid of street crime, but, as it turned out, in the afternoon, there were about the same number of crimes in Buenos Aires as in Moscow.

And it was on this trip that I regretted that I had not been here a little longer.

Now Argentina is going through hard times. The well-fed years are behind and now there is a financial crisis in the country, which affects all spheres of life. People on the street honestly admit that they used to live much better, but let's not talk about sad things.

Buenos Aires is beautiful! it is a truly summer and attractive city that makes you feel at ease, no matter who you are. The city will especially like two categories of people - lovers of tango and meat-eaters.

The steaks here and throughout Argentina are simply gorgeous (try it in the restaurant La Estancia, not far from the main street - July 9)

Why are they tastier than anywhere else? - I'll explain now:

How are cows raised in Russia? While she gives milk, she is milked, and when she stops, she is cut and sent for meat. What do we get as a result? - Old and tasteless meat that is difficult to even chew.

How are cows raised in Argentina? While the cow is young, it grazes naturally in endless meadows and fields. Farmers are given a plot that is divided into zones. In the same zone, you cannot graze cows more than once every 5 years, allowing the land to recover. As a result, we get that Argentinean meat hits the counter in the prime of life and has the best taste characteristics. Now Russia also has some progress in this direction, but let's see how Miratorg handles this.

The best time to visit Buenos Aires is our Russian winter, because in South America at this time is just the height of summer. It’s worth spending 3-4 days on the city itself, not more, the rest of the time should be devoted to another part of South America - Patagonia.

The city itself is a typical Spanish city like Madrid or Barcelona, ​​but with its own twist. Getting around it on foot is an unrealistic task, because even from a height it becomes clear that the city is comparable in size to Moscow in area.

Public transport is elegantly developed, I have not seen so many buses for a long time. There is also a subway, the services of which could not be used.

The main thing to remember is that in the evening criminal elements are activated and it is better not to go out to avoid troubles.

The rest - we look at the video.

Enjoy watching!

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