Tver, Russia | travel video

Tver is probably one of the most famous cities, which are not so far from Moscow.

If you have free time on the weekend and want to spend it profitably, then come to Tver!

And now the weekend has come, the summer is ending and while it is still warm outside and the sun is shining, we decided to go to the city of Tver, which is located just 2 hours from Moscow.

We decided to stay for 1 night at the Panorama Hotel, which is one of the tallest buildings in the city. Guests have free entrance to the normal roof, from which you can see the whole city in the palm of your hand

Before the trip, I watched several videos from Tver on Youtube to understand what to expect from the city, but what I saw terrified me: a lot of people filmed garbage on the streets with a shaking camera.

Even from past experience, when I took photographs, I saw how 2 people can show the city in completely different ways.

I immediately had a desire to somehow correct this situation.

In 1763, a fire broke out here, which destroyed the entire central part of the city, and because of this, it had to be rebuilt. Now in stone.

If you didn't know, then the city of Tver at one time had every chance of becoming the capital. A large influx of population was directed here during the Tatar-Mongol yoke.

People came here because of the remoteness from the Horde and because of the convenient location to the trade routes that stretched from Novgorod and other cities.

And here we come to the Versailles trident - three rays of the streets, which diverge from one point. This is only in Pererburg, Versailles and Rome.

Monument to Prince Mikhail Yaroslavich of Tver.

Asphalt and tiles are not often laid here, but the streets are also pleasant to walk.

Turn off the main streets, 5 minutes and you are already on the embankment of the Volga River. Usually locals spend their time here, who do not walk along Tverskoy Arbat.

To be honest, Tver reminds me of a mixture of St. Petersburg and Kaluga. And such streets are more and more convincing me of this similarity.

And this is a monument to the most famous and respected person in Tver - Mikhail Krug. It is very difficult to catch a moment when people are not being photographed next to him.

We got to the most famous street in Tver - Trekhsvyatskaya. It really is a bit like the Old Arbat in Moscow.

As you can see for yourself, the city is clean, pleasant and well maintained. Not at all like what is shown in other videos.

On the way, we accidentally saw a library open on Saturday, which anyone can go to.

Yes, the reading rooms are not the same, now there are more and more laptops instead of books.

Tver is not so far away and it is definitely worth coming here at least once. And there is much to see here.

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