Mallorca, Spain | travel video

Palma de Mallorca is one of the oldest cities in the world.

If you love Spanish architecture, well-kept old buildings, then this city is definitely for you.

To be honest, lately I have had some overdose of Spanish cities, so I took Mallorca pretty cool, and you know why? - Yes, just from every corner on our cruise ship they praised this stunning and unsurpassed city.

It even got to the point that they brought quotes from famous people, for example, the famous tennis player Rafael Nadal said that he lives in the best city in the world and he doesn't need anything else.

When you hear such statements, a very fabulous picture of the city begins to appear in your head.

In fact, in the center of the city, nothing differs from other Spanish cities at all, and its coastal part resembles Malta if it were richer.

The first thing we saw was a huge cathedral and a very large number of vendors of sunglasses and jewelry.

It is immediately evident that the city is not deprived of tourists, there are a lot of them during the season. It is not clear only why look and take photographs against the background of the next cathedral, of which there are a lot in Europe. Palza is famous for its beaches, the rivers for which it is worth coming here. Unfortunately, they will remain outside the scope of this video, as it is about the city itself.

Now I'm just showing our liner. In the upper right corner, I provide a link to a video from this ship.

As you can see, typical European life takes place in the center. People are relaxing in the cafe, the atmosphere is very relaxed.

We weren't here during the peak season, but you can imagine the crowds waiting for you. Whether you like it or not, it's up to you

To be honest, the city did not seem intuitive - the system of streets is too confusing: automobile and pedestrian.

But walking along the streets is very pleasant and you can see that the city is in very good condition.

Here the city already resembles Barcelona.

Seafood lovers will love it here

At the beginning of the video, I compared Mallorca to Malta. And we are just in a place where the city is very similar to this country.

Since the location of the islands leaves its mark, we can trace some parallels in the development of these places, including the way they are protected from external influences.

It is very difficult to do reviews and find words for a European city. They are almost all similar and in order to understand their differences, you need to go deeper, and this is fraught with historical tediousness, which most people do not need.

And here is just a visual explanation of my phrase that the city is like a richer Malta

And it always happens: the richer the territory, the more greenery it contains, but this is only a trend of the last decade.

There are even such interesting streets. Write in the comments which city she reminded you of.

Well, this is just a fairytale castle. It's amazing how many different things are mixed in one city.

As a result, I can say that I liked Mallorca, but I definitely do not want to come here a second time, and if you have not been here, then be sure to come and, of course, visit the beaches for which this place is famous.

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