Valencia, Spain | travel video

Velencia is the third largest Spanish city after Madrid and Barcelona.

There is nothing outstanding in this city, but it is so pleasant and calm that the next time, when you travel to Spain, you will once again think about which city you want to go to more.

As you can imagine, the main flow of tourists in Spain goes to Barcelona, ​​and a very small part of it gets to Valencia. The terrain here is not to say flat, but it is obvious that a city like Valencia lacks at least a couple of high hills with some kind of attraction, such as Tibidabo in Barcelona. This immediately gives the city a recognizable and memorable look. In the meantime, we are unlikely to be able to distinguish Valencia from the same Madrid without prompting.

You yourself can observe what a quiet and calm city it is

And in this brick building on the left is the Bullfighting.

Valencia is tacitly considered a city of science and art, and where, no matter what here, such futuristic structures should be located, such as the Palace of Arts and the adjacent buildings.

Oddly enough, these buildings look better in daylight than at night.

Local residents are very fond of bicycles, and the city itself is very favorable to this type of transport.

And here's another reason - to come to Valencia: there are a lot of beaches. Yes, the water here does not shine with purity, but when you can swim almost within the city limits, you close your eyes to many things.

In terms of architecture, the city is very diverse and sometimes you don't know which building you will meet on the next street

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