Dubai, UAE | travel video

Dubai is probably one of the fastest growing cities in the world. In no other city have I seen so much mention of the word MOST.

The highest skyscraper, The most expensive hotel, The largest artificial island and so on. It is impossible not to notice the small turn of this country to achieve all kinds of records.

Probably, if it hadn’t been so good here, and there were only records, then no one would have traveled here, but everyone is coming and very many here really like it.

There are a lot of Russians in Dubai, and sometimes, walking along the promenade, you can confuse and imagine that you are walking near Moscow City.

The emotions after visiting Dubai are the most positive. This is really a very beautiful and, in many ways, distinctive country (which often steals other people's ideas, but it's not scary).

It is safe, sunny and there is a wow effect from a large number of skyscrapers that are real for every taste.

I recommend to visit!

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