Genoa, Italy | travel video

We are now at the Milan railway station and are waiting for the train to leave for Genoa.
To be honest, the Italian railways were not very impressed with me - the old rolling stock and too high speeds.
When the train accelerates you do not feel completely safe.
The station is very crowded in some of its places you have to wade through crowds of people.
Milan is the country's largest transport hub. From here you can leave virtually any city in Italy
The appearance of trains is not monitored here at all. Sometimes trains pass that are completely covered with graffiti.
In about 2 hours and for 16 euros per person, we had to get to Genoa.
Grade 1 costs about 90 euros, I think for two hours you should not pay that kind of money, especially since in Europe there is always a way to spend it.

So we arrived in Genoa - this is one of the oldest Italian cities. There are very beautiful streets, you can walk on them for a very long time
Genoa is the largest seaport
Italy and the largest cruise liners in the world starting their route here.
There are very few buildings in the city that are not of historical value.
Just look at these streets. Italy will only look prettier over the years, because even the most shabby and falling apart house will look five plus.
Other European countries cannot boast of this, and there is still some appeal to cities located in the mountains.
The same Milan is a continental city that is beautiful in its own way, but still it lacks something.
Genoa itself, in principle, consists of such beautiful and picturesque streets
I don’t see any sense from the guides, because the city is very small and you can easily get around it on the map

We have a cruise to 6 cities and each city will have a separate video

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