Mauritius Island | travel video

Having traveled around the Pacific small states, I wanted to compare them with more hackneyed places, which is heard by people. These are about 3 options: Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius.

The Maldives is swept away immediately, because they are relatively close to India. All the impurities of this overpopulated country flow just to these islands. The Seychelles shallowed later, because they did not find an adequate flight and entertainment. But after watching the next season of the Eagle and Reshka, I wanted to get to Mauritius. The island itself is located at a considerable distance from Hindustan, off the coast of Madagascar. I love long trips, so I had no doubt that I would like it.

The island itself is very beautiful and resembles Fiji, pumped up with money. Fiji is a village compared to Mauritius, but with cleaner and bluer water. In addition, national flags are hung all over the country, and if in Oceania you see the blue color of water on the flags and in the corner of the United Kingdom barrier, this creates the effect of a country very far from Russia, but the flag of Mauritius resembles any other African country and the feeling of the ocean is lost .

There are not so many beaches in Mauritius, and the advertised Blue Bay turned out to be just a passage, which did not even linger in my head. Le Morne compared to it is a very rich resort, but with poor access to the beaches. All the best white sand beaches are occupied by very expensive hotels and all that is left for you is to swim on public beaches, which, to put it mildly, do not mean “islanders”. The beach on Le Morne in general turned out to be so banal that show me it in the photo - I would never understand that it is a beach on the island of Mauritius.

A really interesting place in Mauritius is Casella Park. It’s rare where in zoos you can go into the cage to a wild lion or cheetah and stroke it.

If you compare it with Oceania. then the Pacific is much cleaner and bluer than the Indian. Specific I, received from him much more pleasure, and the animal world in it is much more "alive". So the Pacific is beyond competition.

You can watch the rest in my next video!

It’s hard to tell me whether to go to Mauritius or not to go. For the most part - I liked everything, but I did not experience strong emotions. Alas(

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