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Would you like to go to New York? I would like to, and I did not not confused by the fact that I do not like hackneyed places and popular destinations. Probably because the city is really very cinematic and almost every street he participated in the shooting of a film, and therefore, very cool dip in the childhood memories of such films as Home Alone and others.
New York met hideous weather - the rain was the wind, but I have long been accustomed to such weather events and knew that everything will be ok, even if gismeteo in this city shows that the whole week will rain. Yes, even in this disgusting weather, the city looks lively and interesting, which only cost the ubiquitous taxis and American trucks that left the streets of exactly 90 movies.
Hotels in New York are very expensive, and since I have been here for very little time, it took the hotel Pennsylvania hotel, which was located across from Madison Square Garden. In the match I did not get, because had no time, and I do not like. The hotel looks grand, and is with the old building and looks like a hotel from the movie 1407. The cheapest rooms are still out very expensive, but they are similar to the close of the kennel cheap hotel in any other city.
The rain did not become an obstacle, and I immediately moved to Times Square, the benefit I lived in the middle and I just had to go out and go right down the street. Times Square is visible in the distance. The going was not long, but, frankly, it would be desirable for such streets go on and on ... The city is seething: thousands of tourists, any pretty girl, the typical American boys.
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So, about 8 am, the center of Times Square is already filled with tourists, everywhere some dvizhuha. The first time I saw the actual shooting of the morning newscast "Good Morning America", impressed. Around skhemok a crowd of tourists with cameras.
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While rain is not over, it will be bleak landscapes of Central Park. The park is almost unremarkable, but it is one of the few green spaces in New York. At first, it seemed that in the park, under the trees, have to sit the students with books, well, pop some close to this pattern of films about American colleges, but it turned out that it is not so: the park completely different and does not cling, probably because in the rain there is nothing to do.
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In the city a lot of advertising, and it is not off-putting, it is very harmonious.
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A typical pattern for the streets of the city. From sewage constantly steams like Godzilla somewhere :) There are so many places, not just on every main street and it adds to the atmosphere as a result of cinematic city.
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The central park is nothing special, it is just one such green and a large Manhattan. This is the same body of water where the movie Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Harry Marvin skating and decided to rob the toy shop.
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So far it seemed the main building in New York - Empire Building Cteyt (The Empire State Building). Believe me, there is also nothing special, and frankly, it does not look like the tallest building, the title is obtained, when New York is still under construction and it could be seen from every angle, and now in New York, so many skyscrapers, it is simply lost in the background and size of the building is only visible on the panorama of the city from afar.
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The new building of the World Trade Center. Finally, it is not completed, but now looks very good and, as the old building is easily recognizable from afar. Almost on every corner there are signs at the memorial to September 11, 2001, when, as a result of terrorist attack, were destroyed two skyscrapers.
New York photo - 37
Nearby is a memorial to the September 11, 2001. Around the building there is a big movement and even pedestrian, very difficult. To visit this place, you need to buy a free ticket) is not very far from this place, in the museum, "September 11".
Tickets are valid for free, but if you donate $ 10 you will be given a firm white bracelet with blue inscription - 9/11 Memorial and most people t
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Downtown (Downtown) - the lower tip of Manhattan. Very nice place, here I want to go out and enjoy life. The sun, skyscrapers and somehow everything is so bright that you enjoy every minute. In my opinion, this is the only place that I remember from the trip, despite the objects such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and the Empire State Building. Yes, there are places in many cities in the world, but it is important, as usual - the first visit you.
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Here, far away, there is the famous Brooklyn Bridge. The flow of people is very high, which creates problems for cyclists - the transition zone divides the road with bicycle road and people are not always responsible for this division, and then getting out of the pedestrian zone. Do not get out of her difficult - imagine that you go as a herd in a tremendous line and next to you free band - who will not stand here?
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Statue of Liberty in the distance seemed. This small!
New York photo - 49
To get to the Status of Liberty, you need to take the metro to Long Island, buy a ticket for a boat excursion. If you want to get to the observation deck, you need to advance (one month) to book your ticket and you will group on selected routes on the island would be taken on this very site. The statue is not as high, and an observation deck is not so high, why bother with a ticket I did not, all the more so I decided to fly here for 2 days prior to departure.
Photo does not show, but it looks very ominous, if there are very few people and the sun has not yet illuminate any part of the statue.
Immediately it seems that there are shootings of the film "The Day After Tomorrow" or some other disaster movies and on the verge, the statue fell on its side.
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And this is a view from the top of the Empire State Building. Again a very long queue, which has no end.
The most unpleasant thing - walk in the queue until the next corner where all turns, and see the long queue for another corner. Oh. patience...
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Here and there negros constantly organize dance shows. As a rule - quite niochem. People stand and look, and after the "dancers" are asked to "post but who can" run up quickly and all the dancers are starting all over again.
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Here is such an entrance to the subway. Letters refer to the metro line. At first, not very familiar, but then you get used and already know how everything is organized.
In my opinion, in Moscow subway better and more logical because from any point you get into any other, but here you need to get to the desired branch and sometimes move from branch to branch in the metro problematic.
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That the inside of the hotel Plaza Hotel, where stay Kevin McAllister. This frame was also in the film, there still appeared in the frame Donald Trump.
New York photo - 75
And here is the bridge where Kevin met a woman in blue. Eh, still nice to remember those moments of childhood. Do not think that I am such a fan of the movie Home Alone, it represents just a cool movie on videotape from childhood.
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And here is the famous Brighton Beach. The atmosphere is tense, immediately asked the question - "Do I love Putin?". I answered the truth, but do not like it here.
On the waterfront are many grandparents, some of them are listening to songs of Russian and Ukrainian pop. (I was diagnosed Vitali Leontiev).
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Russian-speakers in the streets a lot, and that Russian girls :) How do they know? - They just walked down the street and talking loudly in Russian.
New York photo - 95
Building Rockefeller Center. The buildings were built on the money of the Rockefeller family in the 1930s. According to the movie Home Alone 2, here, at the end of the film, Kevin's mom found him near a Christmas tree.
New York photo - 96
Few pictures of Madame Tussauds museum. Too bad that the eyes of the Statue of Liberty all fakes are different. In the real statue are more poignant, though empty.
New York photo - 97
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New York photo - 99
New York, a great city! Like it!

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