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Patagonia, is perhaps one of the most picturesque regions of our planet. If you are a photographer, the Patagonia for you - simply a paradise. I am well aware of where I was going, and was ready for a breathtaking species of the Andes, at the foot of which are blue lakes and rivers. Patagonia is located in the southern part of South America and covers the territory of the two countries - Argentina and Chile, and Argentina took to itself the most plain territories, while Chile had the most mountainous part of Patagonia.

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In Patagonia shot many films, including documentaries. It is often visited by people from Nataion Geographic, because there is something to see. No, there is no beach, but for fans of the harsh nature and stunning mountain species is a lot of pictures, just the best travel magazines.

Many people have a dream to ride at full speed on the road in Nevada, which goes straight into the mountains. So, here the road a hundred times more picturesque and interesting, and in conjunction with the changeable weather - there is simply prohibitively beautiful, because, precisely when it is cloudy water is acquiring a blue-green color and begins to literally glow, and all because the water is not normal and formed due to the melting of glaciers.

Would you like to get in Patagonia - come to the city of El Calafate. Be careful, everyone calls the city in different ways, sometimes without the letter 'e' on the end. Already on arrival, from her window you will see an amazing lake - Lago Argentino. In the city you will find dozens of travel agencies, which will take you to any sights.
Many of the photos from different parts of the region, and some, unfortunately, visible patches and mud, which have been on the glass of the bus. If you take a rental car, you'll get even more excitement. The roads are excellent and virtually no other cars, so before you just direct the perfect distance. Beauty!
Forms on the way to the glacier Perito Moreno.
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And here is the view from the bus, which was carrying me to the city of Puerto Natales - which is a kind of tourist attraction for hiking in the national park Torres del Paine National Park - one of the most beautiful places on earth.
Patagonia photo - 10
Patagonia photo - 11
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Clouds in the sky, and then the water begins to shine! Terrific and sometimes simply can not believe my eyes. Yes, you are not fooling anyone, and does not hide the reality of Photoshop, there really such and such kinds of color, if you're lucky with the weather.
While in these small towns - be sure to try the Argentinian beef steak. Argentines are true professionals in this business, the more that their beef is one of the best and they deliver it worldwide.
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Simply beauty. Rent a car in South America is not cheap, given the large distances and stop in different countries increases the amount of very well. A thousand kilometers to go back to bring the car to a place where you brought it is not very convenient and save will not work without compromising impressions. Although, if you plan everything correctly, you will benefit.
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Be sure to visit Patagonia!

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