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Rome is located inland without any access to the sea, so tourists traveling by ship have to stop in the city of Chitavecchia and get to the city center for about an hour and a half.

If you do not have your own transport, then for a taxi you will give 250 euros.

You can talk a lot about Rome, but let's leave this thing to the guides, of whom there are a great many.

If the guide is Russian-speaking, then in the notes of his voice you will notice a certain transcendence over you - Not everyone was lucky to live in Rome

It looks so pathetic that you just stop listening to this person, but again, I don’t generalize and I think that there are enough normal guides here.

Now you see the famous Baroque staircase which is also called the Spanish Steps. Like any tourist attraction in Rome, tourists are always buried in it.

In the summer, the city is very hot and tourists are always helped by such structures with ordinary water

In fact, for an inexperienced tourist, walking around Rome is very easy, you need to go straight ahead until you see the Colosseum.

Immediately I would like to apologize to the true lovers of Rome for such a simple route. In fact, the problem is that our time in the city was catastrophically short, so we swept through the city, ignoring sometimes very interesting things. But since 1 coin flew away in fonts, a more detailed walk is just around the corner.

And so we went to the Trevi Fountain, which is captured in many films, the most famous of which are the Roman holidays of 1953.

The main thing is to come up with a good legend for the fountain, and then rake 1.4 million euros out of it annually. I mean, in addition to the 1 coin that you need to throw in the fountain, you can throw 4 coins and get rich. I think that the legend needs to be changed, otherwise the amount is somehow frivolous.

Believe it or not, but Rome pretended to me a little differently: it was probably Hollywood that made me visualize Rome as a city similar to Florence, where Tom Hanks runs and unravels another tangle of mysterious secrets. As a result, everything turned out to be much simpler and more straightforward. I am not saying that Rome is not bad and not interesting - no, it is a beautiful city that you can walk around like a museum, but this is the first city that did not meet my expectations from the word Absolutely. This was also influenced by the fact that we did not get to the Vatican.

If you followed the advice on the route that I gave you, then you, like us, should have found ourselves on Capitol Hill. From here, a stone's throw to the Coliseum.

What a gigantic tourist potential of Italy. The whole world wants to come here.

That's it, the Colosseum is noticed and now we are going to it.

Ancient antique structures speak for themselves

What we will do there, I don’t know, but most likely nothing, because today is a day off, which means there will be gagant queues at the ticket offices and the entrance, where you can stand for hours. We don’t have that much time, so we can only come and see.

And here are the enterprising Italians, who offer you to get to the Colosseum without any queue for an additional fee. It looks like a station square where you are offered to get to any city by international bus.

Other enterprising Italians sell cold water, the origin of which is not known. I strongly doubt that it is bottled under normal conditions.

If you walk along the streets that are located far from famous sights, then Rome completely loses its originality and turns into any other Italian city.

Almost on the horizon you can see the walls of the Vatican, which, unfortunately, we did not fall into.

If you want to see a better Rome, then lay on it 2-3 days.

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