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Especially to go to Fiji, Savusavu had no desire, but because Flights Taveuni - Nadi there was a 6-hour trains, the city still had to go. Impressions are not bad, as Savusavu situated in a very picturesque place, but the abundance of Indians lubricates all impressed. I'm not against them, but would like to see more of the indigenous population, because I really like the Fijians. The feeling that you are in the area of ​​three stations in Moscow.

Still, I tend to believe that if you were in Fiji for the new year, do not sit up here after January 10. December, January, February is the rainy season, but for some reason, arriving here in early January, the second consecutive year, I see a bright sun and so, even before the 10 days of January. Then the weather begins to deteriorate permanently clouds, rain, but also heat. But believe me, Fiji without the sun is not a cake. There are so many beautiful plants, even at the edges of the road, red, poisonous yellow and other colors, which are soltse glows, and really gives the impression of paradise, even poezka the usual way to Nandi.

Before leaving, we were waiting for our aircraft, but one came out and began to leave people, I realized that something was wrong and it dawned on me - people talking in Russian. 2 family discussing a trip somewhere with them had small children. So unusual to see Russian-speaking people on the other side zamlyu, at the airport, like a small shed. Conversation, learned that these families live in Savusavu. Mixed feelings. Maybe I should envy them, but I did not do it - just nothing. Yes, Fiji, yeah, sounds, but to live here ... Never, though it is a heavenly place, but only for recreation. Living here, even on cool villa - it's definitely a step back. Well, just like it :)
First picture from the island of Taveuni, Fiji. From here we flew to Savusavu.

Savusavu, Fiji - 1
Savusavu, Fiji - 2
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