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Just warning you that this is not a report about the city, just a photograph that I wanted to share . Gradually, this post will grow and I will continue to add new photos. And now autumn, the time is not very positive , so let's wait the sun.
Usually, if they say about the suburbs - imply the city within 100 km from Moscow - the rest does not interest anyone . But Shatura , a small town with 30,000 inhabitants , which is 124 kilometers from Moscow (at the right edge of the map near Moscow ) . If anyone here and come - that only fishermen and mushroom pickers . Shatura built on a large swamp and around here very much, respectively, mushrooms and berries is also full of different , but they still need to get .
Yet the country is furniture factory , known throughout Russia under the brand "Shatura furniture".
If in Moscow, all bathed in certain waters , the choice Shaturyan much more : it has a network of lakes, which are closed in a single system, which runs through the TPP -5 , the only power in the region , which is divided into energy even with Moscow (though now I can not to confirm this) . One of the lakes , which is beyond the power plant does not freeze at all , and it is called "Warm" .
Why Shatura ? - I'm just born here

Shatura photo - 1
Shatura photo - 2
Shatura photo - 3
Shatura photo - 4
Shatura photo - 5
Shatura photo - 6
Shatura photo - 7
Shatura photo - 9
Shatura photo - 10
Shatura photo - 11
Shatura photo - 12
Shatura photo - 13
Shatura photo - 14
Shatura photo - 15
Shatura photo - 16
Shatura photo - 17
Shatura photo - 18

Shatura photo - 8

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